The Athlete

by Arthur Trafford

I love to swim, bike and run. Someday I will be a tri-athlete. One time I made the statement to my swimming coach that someone told me that he is a tri-athlete. And he responded, "I don't try, I am an athlete."


My goal is to reach my potential, especially in distant races of one mile and longer in swimming. Corporate sponsors might rollover laughing if I asked them for a contribution. I empathize with Mr. Dan Quale, when Senator Lloyd Bentson in a debate said something like; I knew John Kennedy, you are no John Kennedy. I wish Mr. Quale would have smiled and had the time to think to say, that's right, neither one of us is a John Kennedy.


I am no Lance Armstrong Tour De France type (but you might be), nor an Olympic hopeful in any event (but you might be), but I will be the best "me" on planet earth.