GLBT Lifestyle

To the gay and lesbian leadership teams:


When I first wrote essays on the gay and lesbian lifestyle, I was unaware that my perception lacked balance.  I basically was “Only” saying negative things about the gays and lesbians and “Only” saying positive things about the heterosexual community.


I have taken down my sexual orientation essays on my website, for no one on either side of the debate has seen any value in these essays.  I consider myself a “Friend” of all gays and lesbians even though my “Bad” relationships with females hasn’t driven me to be recruited into the gay lifestyle (for I wasn’t born with those desire).


The truth is:  (1) God loves gays and lesbians of faith just as much as heterosexuals of faith (2) gays and lesbians are just as righteous and spiritual as straights (3) almost “All” sins (rape, murder, incest, lying, stealing, gossip, being motivated by the lust for power, money and fame etc.) on planet earth are done by straight people of faith (4) someone saying a sexual relationship between 2 males or 2 females (consenting adults) is worse or more sinful than fornicating heterosexuals singles, lying, stealing, or murder, is ludicrous, unreasonable, and very foolish.


I would like the gay and lesbian community to delete my name, email address, phone number and mailing address from your database of ENEMIES OF THE GLBT movement.  And notify “All” of your members that Arthur Trafford is no longer to be thought of as an enemy of the GLBT organization.


Have Facebook reinstate my account and send me a “New” access code, since I am not putting any more offensive essays on my Facebook page.


God bless all humans, for we are all children of a loving God.  Check out my essays "No humans in hell" and "God's Love for Humanity"



P.S.  I would like an acknowledgement reply that you accept an apology from Arthur Trafford, for having ambivalent contradictory ideas in my essays that hurt some or all gays and lesbians !!!