Why Jesus is not the person speaking the "I AM statements

in the New Testament.



All the “I AM” statements in the New Testament are words spoken by our Creator God Himself and not the servant Jesus.  The “I AM” statements are, The bread Of Life, The Light Of The World, The Door, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection And The Life, The Way, The Truth, And The Life, The Vine and Before Abraham was, I am etc.


The Jews misunderstood Jesus when he said, “Before Abraham was I am”.  And since Abraham died about 1,600 years before Jesus was born, then it is apparent that they misunderstood his message.  Jews know that God is a Spirit only being, but if he is the flesh and blood Messiah that they are looking for, then they need to listen to all his messages that God is sharing with this normal flesh and blood human, so they can know the Will of God. 


If someone knocked on my door and I see a lady with a nametag of Donna handing me a Western Union telegram, and I ask Donna to read the information to me because I left my glasses at work.  And after she finishes reading the message I have no idea who the sender is.  So I excitedly ask what name is on the bottom of the message and she tells me it is signed, your friend Sally.  What a surprise, I haven’t seen Sally in over 30 years.

What I don’t say to Donna is “Thank you Sally for the nice letter, I really missed you all of these years.  She would say, no, no, no Arthur, I am not Sally; I am only a messenger who delivers her message.  I know you are old Arthur, but don’t get me confused with Sally (for I speak for her but I am not that other person).


God is speaking all the “I AM” statements in the New Testament.  The body of Jesus is the 1st Temple God built that is capable of walking with us as we reflect and ponder the nature of our invisible God, as God Tabernacles amongst us in a human body we call Jesus; and this Jesus tells us about God as God speaks through Jesus.  I can emphatically clearly state that this Temple of God’s human characteristics doesn’t reflect Deity for human flesh of man can not be Deified; unless you embrace and have a pagan Theological mindset or you want to honor Greek Mythology beliefs.


God speaks directly to us in the voice and actions of “This” human Temple, so that we can see and hear what a God incarnate would look like, do and say “If He were human and in our midst.  Since all the “I AM” statements in the New Testament can "Only be" from God, then there is every reason to view Jesus as a mortal human man like all other males that we meet (but without a sin nature) who is speaking for God just like Donna was speaking for Sally in the above mention telegram analogy.


In the 1st Century, Christians were also called believers, saints, brothers and disciples but they were 1st called Followers of ‘The Way” (for there were no Catholics, Baptist, Methodist etc. denominations). God destroyed Israel in 70 A.D., which ended organized religion, as we know it.  We humans are now Redeemed children and servants of the Most High God, and we are to flee from religiosity and self-righteous piety which is vain, destructive and keeps us from knowing and loving God intimately. 

Humans start religion’s, which inevitably become demonic, destructive, divisive, dangerous, and pollute the minds and hearts of all humans made in the image of God.  There will be no religions in heaven or on the new earth after Emmanuel reestablishes His kingdom on this earth in the future.    


Religionist throughout history is responsible for the torcher and death of billions of human on this earth from Adam and Eve’s decedents up to and including the 21st Century.  If you could resurrect those who were murdered during the non-Christian Crusades and ask them if they think Christians were doing the will of God and that they are setting a good example for Christian love of God and others, they would say no to that being true.


When God said, “It is finished”, God is saying that all of humanity was saved at that very instance.  Humans living 4,000 years before or 2,000 years after the life of Jesus are all saved because God doesn’t allow us humans to think we can assist God in redeeming ourselves.  It is the OBJECT OF OUR FAITH that saves us --- God Himself.  Our sins will all be cast into hell and the part of our being that is made in the Image of God will be in the presence of our Creator, forever.   

Entrepreneurs, bankers, religious leaders, and government officials helped reestablish Israel in 1948 (and not God).  If a son is killed, there is no way a father will come back 1,878 years later and bless the man or nation responsible for His son’s death.  This is why we know modern day Israel is not God ordained, but simple Satan’s way to promote the false Theology and doctrines of demons added to Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religion’s.