5 Positive Reasons to Abort


5 Positive reasons for teenage and adult females to abort



The title is a "Play on words" and is not telling anyone to end a child's life. These are really "5" excuses that females and/or the father of the child will give to justify their decision to abort.


Positive reasons to abort are (1) I am positive that I am too young to raise this child (2) I am positive that I do not love the father of this unborn child (3) I am Positive that I (or we) can not afford to have this child (4) I am positive that this child will destroy the future that I have planned for myself (5) and I am positive that if I am single and religious that I want to hide this pregnancy from all those who know me.


The only problem with the above 5 “Positive” statements is that they all have negative consequences that harm the child, both parents of the child and the 2 families they are part of.


 The "Pro-Baby" Movement


The majority of people on the planet believe "All" unborn babies have a right to experience "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". And I am sad to say that the majority of most societies refuse to acknowledge that people are suffering from post-abortion trauma and therefore need to experience forgiveness and healing of their memories and thereafter have the opportunity to live the abundant life.


Most mature and loving human beings will not have a "Critical spirit", concerning my poems, simply because they are "Pro-Baby". They will want to share my "Let the unborn live" message!!!


The thoughts that dance in the mind of humans, is conceived in their heart and hinges on the pivotal question that ushers in the undeserved "death penalty" for the unborn; or the joyous excitement, anticipating the soon coming birth of a child.


The question that answers the complex motive for a person's actions after conception is "is the pregnancy and baby wanted or rejected by one or both parents (or families) of the child"?


 The Thoughts of the Unborn POEM


Pain is so real and it's easy to see


It all happens to you and me



I know we are born to die


But at such a young age I don't understand why



I was so young and didn't understand


God would allow a change that I had not planned



I had no control over when I would go


But this I know I love you so



I live in your heart I am happy to say


Always there no matter what you think or pray



I love you and want you to love me


That's the way it should be



You weren't perfect I know quite well


God gave us each other I am happy to tell



Our hearts are melted together and it’s easy to see why


Our love will never die



For you are special to me


And always will be



Thank God for giving to me


An opportunity for life you see



Mom and dad please don't be too sad


You can learn from your mistakes for which I am glad



And if another child should come your way


Do what is right is all I can say



You didn't steal eternity from me


For I am a creation of God you see



No one is righteous before our dear Savior


Our thoughts are wrong including our behavior



I am crushed and heartbroken


No comfort my soul has ever been spoken



All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with others


We are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers



And if most women-with-child were loved by the child's father


they would smile and happily say "No abortion" why bother



You have hidden or damaged emotions buried in a sea of pain


Release them and you have everything to gain



Ask God and the person you mated with to forgive you


Forgive yourself and your life will start anew



*Romans 3:10,12



To be, or not to be...Born ---POEM


God created me in a physical way


When my parents made love on that special day



Being secure in my mother's womb


She had no plans of it becoming my tomb




It didn't matter if I was healthy or planned


My loving mother took a stand




To give me life without the strife


Avoiding the doctor's cold steel knife



She made the right choice


Later to smile at hearing my voice




As I look back to that day


I stop and take the time to pray



Thank you God for giving to me


A mother who decided to let me be


For others wouldn't be so kind


To give me life when they are spiritually blind




There is a time for each to be born


Truly their mother will receive no scorn


From the loving God above


Who looks down on her act of love


I BELIEVE THAT TEENAGE AND ADULT MALES ARE THE PRIMARY CAUSE FOR THE ABORTION DILEMMA AROUND THE WORLD. They will be judged with a very severe harsh judgment that most women will not receive. The man has more responsibility because he is the initiator of most relationships and the woman is the responder.


Females have an inborn nature or desire to give birth to their unborn child. However, when she becomes aware that the father of her child has no real desire to commit to the family he has started; she then is devastated to the point of hysteria. She doesn't want to raise the child on her own (in near poverty); she doesn't want to give it up for adoption (and worry about him or her); and she seeks an abortion because it appears to be a solution that will stop her present and ongoing pain of feeling used, unloved and rejected.


Most men sow their seeds and pray for a crop failure. A woman can love almost any man, if she knows he will be responsible for his actions and have a commitment to love the unborn child and its mother.


There are an untold number of men and women who have shed tears over their response to an unwanted pregnancy. Maybe my message will give them hope that forgiveness is not only possible but also a promise from God. And they do not need to carry this burden any longer.


I have found that a personal relationship with The Promised Messiah has cleansed and will continue to cleanse me from all of my sins, past, present, and future!!!


I told someone that I am doing my part in stopping abortion; I am not getting anyone pregnant. L.O.L.


The primary issue is not what happened in your past concerning abortion; but do you know and feel you are forgiven "Now"!!! Your forgiveness isn't based on feelings, but as a human you have them.








Since you love the unborn, then share this letter with your family, friends, strangers and especially Christian organizations around the world.


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Arthur Trafford


God bless you, your family and the Unborn!!!


P.S.  No Pro-Life groups will publish my Pro-Baby essay or the 2 poems because it would cost them their jobs if all pregnant mothers read my essay and poems and changed their minds and delivered a healthy baby.  I don’t mention the names of these groups, because I don’t want to be sued by them L.O.L. 


If someone mails or emails my essay and poems to a Pro=Life group and they don’t publish them, then tell the group that you and you religious leaders will refuse to support their group financially from now on.


It is all about “Show me the money” over the past 43 years.  Pro-Life staff members like having that new house and cars and job security.  And they don’t want to be laid off, especially since they have a job that makes them appear more righteous and religious than those common people working in a bank, grocery store and other places of employment.



Arthur Trafford