Death of a loved one or friend



All of us will miss someone!  We should never forget the pain and the pleasure of loving and being loved! 


Some parts of these two poems are very melancholy.  If your past or present memories are still buried in a sea of pain, then contact a counselor, friend or loved one and deal with your issues. 


I have gotten to the point where none of these verses makes me cry, simply because I confronted my past and dealt with it.   


To Love Again


It is plain to see

She is human like me


Seeing you in the coffin not able to smile and play

I no longer remember a happy day


Her families heartbroken it's easy to tell

All we know is that it hurts like hell


I loved you so much and I can't help but cry

For all I remember is a bad goodbye


She was so warm loving and kind

I can't help but feel that I am emotionally blind


No longer do I see all of God's beauty around me

Only able to focus on the ugly I see


She wasn't perfect I know quite well

God gave us each other I am happy to tell


Our hearts are melted together and it's easy to see why

Our love will never die


You had no control over when you would go

But this I know you loved me so


May I dream about you and me

And how things used to be


For you are special to me

And always will be


O God how can I love like that again

To not do so would be a sin


Original Copyright ©1997 Arthur Trafford


To Remember the Good and the Bad


Pain is so real and it's easy to see

It all happens to you and me


I know we are born to die

But at such a young age I don't understand why


The pain is so great and my joy is so small

I long to see her but I don't know where to call


She was so pretty and I don't mean to boast

Of all other boys she loved me the most


Her hair was so long and I couldn't help but stare

For I loved to get lost in her pretty blonde hair


We were so young and didn't understand

God would allow a change that we had not planned


She lives in my heart I am happy to say

Always there no matter what I think or pray


I love you and you love me

That's the way it should be


I am so tired of hiding from you

Not really sure what I should do


Lord Jesus help me I pray

For I long to love her again someday


As I look back to those days

I stop and take the time to give praise


Thank you God for giving to me

A little girl so special you see


I need to remember the good and the bad

This is how I will overcome feeling so sad


Original Copyright ©1997 Arthur Trafford