My Choices In Life

Nothing I can do or say

Will make Gods' love go away

Even when I do what I should

God doesn't love me more because I'm good

I try to live life and experience contentment

I reach out to others and receive their resentment

The pain I endured has stayed with me

I am fearful I won't be the person I should be

I don't want to stay at the fork in life's road

And lack the spirit to be bold

This decision

Makes me feel I'm in prison

Unable to choose

It gives me the blues

Both choices should be good

And it doesn't matter if I am misunderstood

I have the responsibility

To create my own tranquility

The Spirit from above

Gives me the desire to self love

I do now concede

That I am freed

To live my life

With a lot less strife

2007 Arthur R Trafford